Ten best tools for choosing a perfect domain name for your website

Your domain name can either make you or break you. You need a perfect domain name for your website for it to gain traction.

However, getting a good domain name is not an easy thing to do, it takes time and creativity. But some tools can assist you with choosing a perfect domain without you having to crack your head.

I know you are interested in knowing their names. That’s why I put together this article for you. In this article, I would give you ten best tools for choosing a perfect domain name.

  1. BustAName. BustAName is a domain name generator tools that use linguistic data that helps you get the best domain name. It also allows you to save and manage your searches in case you need them later.
  1. NameBoy. NameBoy is a popular domain generator tool. The domain name generator is straightforward that asks for a “primary word” and “secondary word” that best describes your website. It suggests a name for your website based on your input.

  1. StuckDomains. StuckDomain is not just a domain name generator; it also contains expired domain names that you can browse from.
  1. Domains Bot. unlike other tools, DomainsBot has an advanced search feature that allows you conduct a better and refined search.
  1. Domize. Domize is a fast search engine that allows you to quickly check for the availability of domains. It also has a widget that you can install on your website to provide a domain search engine to your customers and visitors. What’s more? It also has an iPhone app that you can install one your phone in case you want to search for domain names at odd hours.
  1. Shopify Business Name Generator. With Shopify Business Name Generator, you can check for available domains in a matter of seconds. It also makes getting a domain name east for you because it uses your keywords to present you various suggestions you can choose from.
  1. Name Mesh. Name Mesh uses over 20 names generators. It helps you get unique names for your website because it uses antonyms and synonyms that are merged to get you unique names.
  1. Impossibility. What impossibility does is to combine your suggested keywords with other words to get you a domain name.
  1. Domainr. Domainr helps you find a suitable domain name for your website fast. It also offers multiple domain name extensions like .org. .Com, .net, etc.
  1. Dot-o-Mator. It is a fast, reliable and simple tool for your site. It helps you get domain name suggestions by using the keywords you gave to it for the start and end of your domain.